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Testimonials and What Others Say

For many years I taught my students they need only go to past lives if they naturally appeared during an EFT Matrix Reimprinting session.
I believed: “We have enough to deal with in this life when it comes to applying EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to change our beliefs and heal trauma.”

But Caroline, my sister, has convinced me otherwise.  She proved in her own life – and numerous case studies – that the healing of past lives can fast-track healing issues in this life when done in the elegant way she developed and shares in her book.

The final realization struck in 2019 – the evening of the funeral of my father – that in terms of quantum science, traumatized parts of ourselves – called ECHOs (Energy Consciousness Holograms) in Matrix Reimprinting, exist simultaneously in the NOW. And that includes ECHOs from Past Lives.

Caroline’s personal experiences and those of her clients described in her book made her the obvious candidate to develop a specific training called Matrix Past Life Reimprinting.

Caroline heads up the EFTMRA (EFT Matrix Academy) in Australia and New Zealand. She stepped up and created an online program for Practitioners who wanted to learn more about working with past lives. And following the huge success of participants, she wants to share it more widely with the world – including the already keen thirst to learn it in India.
One important thing you will discover in this book is that Caroline’s method goes beyond past life regression as we know it.

Karl Dawson
Eft Founding Master and Creator of Matrix Reimprinting

Caroline Dawson’s Matrix Past Life Reimprinting course blew me away. Firstly, it has helped consolidate the learning and knowledge that I have collected along my journey and I left feeling very inspired to look within even more deeply. Secondly, as an EFTMR Practitioner, Caroline’s course has skyrocketed my confidence to be able to support clients in exploring Past Lives if they are stuck in moving beyond their current issue or problem.

A key learning of the course has been looking beyond the labels of Autism and ADHD and the relevance of Past Lives. Caroline’s course helps us to critically think more beyond the ways of the world that we have been taught to think. The core of my own work focuses on the fact that we are more than what we have been told we are by the world we live in and Caroline’s course is a must if you are even slightly curious about this.

As a result of self-practice in MPLR, I shifted a big chunk of a belief that I have worked on previously with ancestors in the matrix that traced itself back to a past life – somehow I was still ‘holding onto’ some aspects of this belief. I no longer have an emotional charge around this belief, which was a sense of deep disappointment that reared itself occasionally. I absolutely recommend Caroline’s course for beautiful evolvement on both the personal and professional level.

Thank you, Caroline!


Participating in Caroline Dawson’s training on accessing past lives in EFT was an eye-opener. The subject matter itself was fascinating and Caroline spoke freely and eloquently from her own experience. She gave a lot of examples and also clear instructions on how to approach the process with clients. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and although the opportunities don’t come thick and fast, I look forward to putting into practice what I have learned.

Lynne Nesbit (UK)

Issue: I was feeling really stuck, frustrated and constricted with my business and past traumas. I couldn’t seem to let them go. I have worked on each one individually before but I now had this collective rage of what had happened to me during my life. A huge theme for me in my life has been not being able to speak up, especially against males. I had tapped into the energy of grey/red silk wound all through my insides and outsides the day before our session

What happened: We first started on a memory in this lifetime when I was 5 years old and had just had open heart surgery. The grey/red silk was represented by the tubes running through my throat. But the energy went back further and I tapped into a past life in Egypt, where I had been mummified. Interestingly, I was so tapped into the energy, I had even dressed in the bandage colours for my session with Caroline (I don’t normally wear light cream colours!). We found in this past lifetime I had a lot of the same beliefs – rage from being mummified, feeling like I couldn’t speak up, men making decisions for me, literally stuck from by being mummified. I got my past life self out of there and shifted all of those beliefs. I had a HUGE trauma release in my right leg, it wouldn’t stop shaking uncontrollably as it released the trauma I had unknowingly held onto.

After healing this past life, I felt so much peace. I could look at what had happened to me in this lifetime and no longer felt the rage. it was calmer. I was able to recognise what had happened to me wasn’t OK but it didn’t mean anything about me, it wasn’t my fault and I could move on from it all. I could take it and make it my power, rather than it holding me back (literally).

Katie Tairych

Wendy’s first past life, was discovered whilst studying MPLR on the first ever MPLR course delivered by Caroline Dawson

We are encouraged to look for Core beliefs during the Matrix Reimprinting process, but my very first MPLR experience made me wonder if perhaps there is also such as thing as core past lives. Whilst the initial issue I was exploring in that session related to my tricky relationship with one of my sisters, I soon realised that a number of other key issues were also very much present in the past life I discovered that day. It certainly has been a real life-changer.

I accessed this past life by following the somatic feelings that arose in my body and emotions when I thought of my sister. She has undiagnosed social anxiety disorders and has been estranged from the family for a number of years. I had reconnected with her when my father died and eventually opened the doors for her to reconnect with other wider family members at an Uncle’s funeral. Having been incredibly supportive of her for a number of years, I was absolutely devastated when several of the family told me that at the wake my sister was loudly insulting and ridiculing me behind my back and being very derogatory and disparaging about the EFT work I do. It knocked me for 6.

I followed those feelings in my MPLR sessions and quickly found myself squashed into a large room in a Stately home in the English countryside with a lot of other women. I distanced myself from this ECHO and realised she was about 23, dressed in a naturally coloured simple, practical full-length working dress. It was late 17th century. She had been accosted by some men on her way to the market and roughly taken to this room, where she and the others were being told that if the healers in the room didn’t come forward, all the women in the town would be tortured or killed. Although the women didn’t know at the time, their town dignitaries had been issued this task by the English authorities in a bid to flush out the remaining ‘witches’. Her brother (who I immediately recognised as my current sister) who was obsessed with ‘status’, but who was not the brightest button, had managed to get on to this flushing-out team.

So a completely life-changing MPLR!!!!!! Thank you Caroline for being such a visionary with MPLR.