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Learn the tools to work with Past Lives using Matrix Reimprinting confidently

Would you like to be able to work elegantly and confidently with past life trauma?

Has past life energy come up during a Matrix Reimprinting or EFT session, and would you like to know the most effective way to work with it?

Practitioners and trainers repeatedly report how often past lives arise to be worked on and that working with the ECHOs can have incredible healing shifts.

Resolving past life trauma can be the missing key to creating healing ripples in your life.

This new training is designed to equip you with all the tools, questions and examples you need to feel confident when working with past lives in the matrix; one of the most beautiful and healing ways to work with trauma.

  • Past lives…
  • Are they real?
  • Are they metaphors?
  • Are they important?

Ultimately we (and our clients) will all have our own beliefs regarding past lives.

It is not our place to judge or impose our own ideologies – as practitioners we need to ensure that we are equipped in a way that best serves the person we are working with, practically, emotionally and safely.

After lengthy exploration and client sessions, this deep dive training and interactive support has been created by Caroline Dawson, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting trainer, and creator of Matrix Past Life Reimprinting.


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