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Books by Caroline Dawson

Awakening To Be Me
Caroline Dawson

Discover the profound journey of my awakening in “Awakening To Be Me”,” a transformative narrative that unfolded unexpectedly on the morning of July 31, 2013. Until that moment, the concept of ‘awakening’ was alien to me, and the notion of being ‘asleep’ to the depths of spirituality was a revelation.

This pivotal day commenced innocently enough, attending a mainstream course on ‘Youth in Crisis.’ Little did I anticipate that, shortly after the morning tea break, my life of 49 years would undergo a radical transformation. It was as if fireworks exploded in my mind, unveiling a newfound awareness of past lives that manifested in spontaneous enactments. The pages of this book chronicle my personal awakening and healing journey, especially over the past decade, a period marked by reflection and wonder at the unfolding events.

This narrative isn’t just about my journey; it is a guiding light for individuals currently navigating various levels of awakening, often shrouded in confusion. If you find yourself or someone you know undergoing a similar experience, this book is a compass to understanding and navigating the uncharted territory of spiritual awakening.

In an era where many grapple with profound shifts in consciousness, my hope is that this book offers solace, resonance, and insights into shared experiences. As I revisit the writing process that began amidst the challenges of 2020, the completion of this story three years later reflects a life transformed. I invite you to join me on this exploration of self-discovery, healing, and the anticipation of what lies ahead. “Awakening To Be Me” is not just a book; it’s a companion for those seeking understanding and empowerment amid the mysteries of awakening.


Past Life to Dream Life
Caroline Dawson

Embark on a transformative journey with “Past Life to Dream Life: EFT Tapping with Matrix Past Life Reimprinting” – a guide tailored for practitioners of past life regressions, revealing the untapped potential of Matrix Past Life Reimprinting (MPLR) as a potent healing tool.

My exploration of past lives began in my 20s during a subconscious dive into the realms of meditation. Unraveling scenes like a cinematic experience, the significance eluded me. Fast forward two decades, a pivotal moment during a past life segment on a course led me back to that mysterious scene. Applying Matrix Reimprinting principles triggered a profound realization – my calling to transition from a 30-year nursing career to a dedicated focus on EFT and MR.

Drawing from years of client interactions, I discovered a recurring theme: past life regressions, often coupled with hypnotherapy, lacked effective healing. Clients grappled with unresolved issues, feeling traumatised without a strategy for coping in their present awareness.

Motivated by these encounters, I penned this book to shed light on MPLR’s efficacy. In 2019, I formalized a course for practitioners, now traversing the globe to impart the intricacies of MPLR, including memorable experiences in India.

This book is a revelation for anyone intrigued by past lives, unraveling the profound impact on our current existence. Whether positive or negative, the influence is mind-blowing once recognised. It is an exploration of MPLR’s gentle, swift, and potent capacity to heal past life traumas, accompanied by compelling case studies showcasing its effectiveness.

Uncover how negative patterns and limiting beliefs, rooted in past lives, can be transmuted through MPLR, triggering a transformative ripple effect in your present life. “Past Life to Dream Life” is your roadmap to fast-tracking your journey towards a life beyond dreams.