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Chapter: Unlock the Secrets of Romantic Relationships through Past Life Exploration

Discover the fascinating connection between past life experiences and current relationship challenges. In our exploration of romantic relationships, it becomes evident that unresolved issues often have roots in the past. What sets this case study apart is the revelation that the partner causing distress in the present is recognised on a soul level from a relevant past life.

Although the physical resemblance may vary, clients consistently sense a familiarity with the energy of the person at the soul level. The dynamics of the relationship may transcend the current one, manifesting in roles like a mother or father in a past life.

Dive into this compelling case study where a client found herself drawn to a man for reasons she couldn’t comprehend. Join us as we explore the transformative journey she underwent through Matrix Past Life Reimprinting (MPLR) to unravel the past life intricacies influencing her current situation. This case study offers a glimpse into how MPLR can illuminate the roots of attraction and relationship dynamics, providing a deeper understanding of the present and paving the way for healing and growth.

Chapter: Relationships

Relationship issues can certainly originate from past life experiences. What I have found in many cases, is that the partner that a client has the issue with in the now, they recognise to be in a relevant past life to the issue. They may or may not look the same, but clients tend to feel that they recognise the energy of that person on the soul level.

The relationship may not be the same as in this life, for example, the partner in this lifetime may be a mother or father in a past life.

In this case study, you will read how my client was attracted to a man she recently met for the wrong reasons. Read what happens once she does some MPLR on the past life she needed to go back to, to understand the current situation.

Case study:

The issue:
The session was about feeling gross about the guy I have started dating – Shaun. I feel gross, the way Shaun looks (he’s chunky!) and some of the things he says. He dresses in a light blue uniform with a hat which makes me think he’s a loser, but also, I know he’s not a loser (it’s just the way I feel). I feel icky before feeling icky (pre-empting ickiness before it gets realised). I want to make sure my heart is more allowing things to come in. I want to run away from him.

Where was the feeling?
The feeling was in the solar plexus/stomach – navy blue blob? disgust/gross.

What memories were recalled?
Memory #1: Aged 5 or 7 years old. I peed on the bathroom floor because I held it too long, and Mum cleaned it up. I held it too long because I didn’t want to go when my parent’s friends had visitors over. I sneaked to go to the toilet, but I went on the floor. Mum was completely fine with it and didn’t make me feel ashamed, or concerned but I felt ashamed.

Memory #2: Past life. I saw an image of a hideous-looking guy wearing black (gross, no hygiene), and a woman next to him that is not very good-looking on their wedding day. She has buck teeth. I am being forced to marry him. The century was 1500s, England (but ended up being in Ireland!). She is wearing tacky white lace. Life is unfair. She is gross-looking but has interests, and has been “forced” to marry someone gross. I help my ECHO by fixing her teeth (incidentally I made an appointment that morning to fix my own teeth! Years ago, I smashed it on a see-saw and always HATED how my teeth looked!) and I get my ECHO to meet someone else, tall dark and handsome. I think she first started out with someone pasty white like Shaun, but then I replaced him with the tall and dark guy. I realise ECHO is spending time with the animals / out in the field because she is hiding and doesn’t want to be seen. I am really uncomfortable about Shaun seeing me, and coming over to my place. My home is me. ECHO invites people over (all mixed, ugly and good-looking). The place is by a lake, and a party is taking place. She is sitting with the tall dark and handsome guy. ECHO speaks to parents about how she felt having an arranged marriage.

What did the ECHO learn?
ECHO felt powerful and shiny.

Message from ECHO: Stop hiding.

Went back to memory #1. She held her pee in for a long time because she didn’t want to be seen by the guests. I took the ECHO to see myself (sitting on my lap) last year when I spoke at Sydney Uni in front of 200 people.

Other synchronicities: Black and white! Caroline got a black package in the middle of the session with a white label, I dropped my car at the mechanic that morning and got a courtesy black car to drive, I applied for Luxury Escapes (black and white logo!) that morning also.

Caroline got me to picture Shaun coming to my house and I felt better about it.

After the session:

I saw a car with the number plate “ICYO0U”. I also saw a bright silver rectangle at my mum’s feet when I was telling her about the Matrix Session.

I saw Shaun the same night as the session. I was surprised when I saw him that all I wanted to do was run away (the very reason why I had the session in the first place!) and be as far away from him as possible. Shaun even looked different, and the energy was different. I saw a fat, beer-drinking bloke I wanted nothing to do with and felt super gross.

Theory #1: Maybe because I saw Shaun as a big and strong protector and I no longer needed it when I freed my ECHO from a man she was supposed to belong to.

Theory #2: Was Shaun the gross man in black in my past life that I had to marry, so I’m carrying the gross feeling in this lifetime?

But overall, I feel confident that I can have anyone I want with NO compromise. I feel like I can do so much better than Shaun as the qualities I was seeking did not seem to have that much weight anymore (e.g. protector etc). It might be because he had elements, I desired that I was excited about, so it had more weight than it should. It is what it is, but I don’t regret having the session as I feel empowered, and can have anyone I want. Also, the session cleared other stuff as was associating with that ECHO for a long time as the feeling of gross comes up when I’m dating men, as well as me hating/obsessing about my teeth which is interesting!

Thanks, Caroline 🙂